theresa + bill {wedding : puerto morelos, mexico}

They were both living in New York, and out for a fun night in the city—Bill with his brother and Theresa with a friend.  Somehow, they both ended up at a dodgy little bar on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  She was talking with a friend, and noticed Bill looking at her with a somewhat questioning look.  Intrigued, she caught his eye and queried, “Uhm, yes?”  Bill's response: “Do you have a Canadian accent?”  (Apparently her Minnesota accent comes through after a beer or two.)  They struck up a conversation and continued talking for another two hours. Later, as she left the bar, she turned to her friend and said, “That’s the man I’m going to marry!”  They both laughed and chatted about how crazy that sounded. A few days later, Bill called Theresa to ask her out for their first date. The rest (as they say) is history. What a treat to be a part of this special celebration! We arrived on the Tuesday before the wedding at Ceiba Del Mar Beach & Spa Resort in Puerto Morelos, México for a little rest and relaxation before the big event. The entire week was filled with fun events. A cocktail party and beach bonfire served as the official welcome on Thursday and a beautiful Mexican-inspired rehearsal dinner highlighted Friday night. The big day was Saturday—featuring fantastic temperatures and the most perfectly beautiful day a bride could ever imagine. Theresa and Bill were married right on the beach (of course), followed by a cocktail hour on the pier, dinner and MUCH dancing into the night. I was so caught up in all the excitement, I joined in to get my groove on for the last couple songs of the night! After all—with such a fun group of friends and family—how could I resist?

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