jenna + amanda : nashville, tennessee

I have photographed a lot of weddings but this wedding was hands down one of the most beautiful, heartfelt, emotional, honest and real weddings I have ever been too. I love these two ladies because they are exceptional human beings. It was such an honor to capture their day. 

The taste level and choice of decor was perfect on this day. Navy and Gold. The tables were arranged with a simple magnolia garland seating all their guests at one long breathtaking candlit table. Five Daughters bakery donuts that I may or may not have eaten in the corner hiding away from the guests. ;)

I asked both of them to tell me what they love about one another......

Jenna says that Amanda is selfless. She constantly thinks of the person who exists on the other side of any situation, and she loves how she places the wants and needs of others before her own. Marriage is a partnership, and Amanda's innate ability to put what is best for her family first is what makes her a giving and amazing partner. 

She loves how Amanda cuts straight to the heart of any situation. She is able to parse through the vast dynamics and complexities of the issue to discover the bottom-line, raw truth. Amanda is the balance to Jenna's wandering mind, and she loves how she is steadfast, constant, and ultimately the backbone in their household.

She loves Amanda makes her feel. Love is a feeling and a choice, and Amanda's choice to love her is the greatest gift she has ever received. Not only did Amanda pick Jenna as her partner in life, but in loving her so wholly and choosing to do so for better or worse, she makes her feel special, safe, and loved.

Amanda says Jenna puts everything she has, all of her energy, time, resources, etc into every aspect of her life. She wants to hit a home run every time she is as bat and because of this, she usually does. No one works harder than Jenna and if she's on your team, you will win.

Jenna is selfless. She will drop everything to help someone out. She spends a lot of energy making sure that everyone in her circle is ok...happy and succeeding.

Jenna does small things every day to show Amanda that she loves her. Early on, she would leave notes on her car or send her things in the mail. Three years later, she is still doing it. It's one of her greatest love languages.

Jenna is beautiful. Everyone that has met Jenna (or even seen Jenna) knows this is true! But she's even more beautiful on the inside. Jenna has a heart of absolute gold. She certainly looks like a supermodel but her heart is the most stunning thing about her.

Well there you have it. I became fast friends with these two ladies and can't wait to build a stronger friendship with them as their marriage grows. Thank you again for letting me part of your amazing beautiful day.


Ceremony and Reception Venue
The Cannery Ballroom

Nashville Audio Visual

Music City Tents and Events

Five Daughters Bakery

Alfred Marroquín

Flavor Caters

j'adore DJs

Jenna's Makeup
Sara AlexAndria Snitkin

Paper Suite designed by Jenna


Brooke Boling